Bertolt Brecht's


Directed by Harry Fox

Cafe Toc Toc (6091 rue Parc, corner of Van Horne)

Friday December 8th
and Saturday December 9th
7:30 PM

Suggested donation $10

(514) 768-8099

A Dramatization for Radio McGill CKUT 90.3 FM

Montreal, QC – November 2006: Galileo turned Renaissance Italy and the Vatican upside down with his assertion that the earth revolved around the sun. Galileo had to choose between his life and his life's work in the face of the Inquisition. Inspired by this true story, Bertolt Brecht, wrote The Life of Galileo to challenge notions of truth, and the social role of scientists in the face of state control in his day.

The struggle for the truth around issues such as global warming today has inspired this radio play of Galileo. We live in a time when Bush has tried to stop NASA scientists from speaking out on global warming, and lied about it. In Canada, Harper has lied about his reasons for scrapping our agreement to the Kyoto Protocol.

Director Harry Fox says, "(Galileo was expected to) grovel before the Church. Who are we expected to grovel before in our time? What truths do Bush and Harper, state rulers in our time, espouse and expect us to serve? Science today is their ultimate tool of oppression – it now creates weapons of mass destruction for the ruling class to retain control of production and natural resources – here at home & abroad… What are our obligations in the light of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?"

Working Class Productions in association with The Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre


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