Death Clowns in Guantanamo Bay

Once upon a time in Guantánamo Bay, three men were found dead in their prison cells. How did they die? Two clowns take a skewed look into the legal black hole that is the Guantánamo Bay prison camp but find themselves faced with a series of obstacles that make it impossible to find out what happened. Death Clowns in Guantánamo Bay is a play about torture, death and the impossible necessity of communicating suffering across distance and cultures. Using mannequin doubles, readymade sculptures, morbid clowning, a singing SWAT-team chorus and gallows humour, the play asks audiences to look at life in the camp in a darkly ludic and dreamlike manner.

March 21-24, 2013

Thursday 8pm
Friday 8pm
Saturday 8pm
Sunday 2pm (pay what you can)

Studio Theatre, 4 Glen Morris Street, Toronto

Please note that seating is extremely limited

Tickets $10. Reservations: 416.978.7986 |

Death Clowns in Guantanamo Bay is a collaborative creation by various cells of the Blacklist Committee for Unsafe Theatre:

Artistic Director/Dictator: Matt Jones
Director: Ashley Williamson
Politburo: Matt Jones, Natalia Esling, Myrto Koumarianos, Allison Leadley
Ubermarionette Cell: Leslie Robertson, Christine Mazumdar, Rob Bril, Alan Belerique, Myrto Koumarianos, Grace Poltrack, Peter van Wart, Anna-Marija Stojic, Audrey Amar, Alex Contreras, Kaitlin Heller, Ula Jurecki
Movement Dramaturge: Natalia Esling
Vocal Coach: Lauren Shepherd
Readymades Cell: Jenn Cole, Laura Lucci, Annie Crowley, Gina Brintnell, Paul Stoesser
Uniformity Cell: Martine Plourde, Lisa Aikman
Hacker Cell: Ashley Williamson, Hacker Man G (Ghassan Knayzeb), Hacker Man E (Ergin Babani)
Clown Minstrel Cell: David Jones, Robin Jones
Propaganda Cell: Cameron Crookston, Louis Duarte, Luella Massey
Lighting: Alain Richer
Central Committee: Johanna Lawrie, Catie Thompson, Isabel Stowell-Kaplan, Lauren Shepherd, Matt Jones


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