Fessenden's Follies

The radio play of David Fennario's Fessenden's Follies that Sibel and I were in can now be downloaded and listend to here.

Sibel Ataogul - 'Miss Bent'
Alison Rockbrand - 'Elvira'
Scott Kettles - 'Kent Fessenden'
Barry O'Connell - 'Elementary Yates'
Francis Pellerin - 'Couche tard'
Matt Jones - 'Barnyard Bates'
George Mouggias - 'Fessenden'
Patrick Barnard - 'Program Announcer'
Dave Fennario - 'Son of the Duck that ate Coaticook'

Radio / Film Production Crew
Director for Film and Radio - Alec MacLeod
Producer - Hyman Glustein
Recording Technician - Gaetan Pilon
Mix and Sound Editor - Rafael Belizaire
Fessenden's Follies Promo - Matthew Shepherd
Production Assistants - Kevin Cohalan, Moz Taylor
Editing and Sound Consultant - Patrick Barnard
Radio Music Performance of 'O Holy Night' - Mathilde Brodeur


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